LinkedIn is a powerful tool that is severely underestimated. It is like your resume but only better that you create to attract recruiters’ attention. To create a LinkedIn profile such that it grabs an employer’s attention and makes them want to hire you,  you need to tweak and optimize your profile on LinkedIn regularly.

It allows you to put your best foot forward in a manner that is more authentic to you. LinkedIn is like a marketing tool, and you have to market your profile well.

Anyone who searches up to your profile (recruiters, employers, colleagues) will not only get impressed by it but also be able to engage with it. You have to grab your employers’ attention and then market yourself as the most suitable candidate.

The online world can become a very impersonal place, and it is your job to convey yourself through your profile as a very human, warm, reliable, and skillful person. The following set of smart and to-the-point tips will help you with just that. Tweak your profile accordingly, and you’ll realize the difference.